Week 47 In Review – 2015

Techniques Kaspersky Antivirus Certificate handling path traversal - When Kaspersky https inspection is enabled, temporary certificates are created in %PROGRAMDATA% for validation. I observed that the naming pattern is {CN}.cer. Breaking into and Reverse Engineering iOS Photo Vaults - For whatever reason, a lot of people store risqué pictures on their devices. Why [...]

Week 40 In Review – 2015

Events Related Derbycon 2015 Videos - Black Hat USA 2015 - Louisville Infosec 2015 Videos - Thoughts on my very first DerbyCon (which won't be my last) - One you hang around in infosec for a little while, you learn that each of the major cons have their own reputation, their [...]

Week 24 In Review – 2014

Resources CySCA2014-in-a-Box – CySCA2014-in-a-Box is a Virtual Machine that contains most of the challenges faced by players during CySCA2014. It allows players to complete challenges in their own time, to learn and develop their cyber security skills. From a Username to Full Account Takeover – Usernames, email addresses and phone numbers are invaluable pieces of [...]

Week 22 In Review – 2014

Events Related HITB Amsterdam 2014 Wrap-up HITB Amsterdam 2014 Wrap-up Day #1 – Xavier is in Amsterdam for attending at the new edition of Hack In The Box. This is a special edition with many improvements. HITB2014AMS – Day 1 – State of the ART: Exploring the New Android KitKat Runtime – This is a [...]

Week 6 in Review – 2012

Event Related ShmooCon Firetalks 2012 ShmooCon Firetalks 2012 - These are the videos I have for the ShmooCon Firetalks 2012. ShmooCon Epilogue 2012 - These are the videos I have for ShmooCon Epilogue 2012. Georgia recorded the live parts, and my rig was used for the slides. Sorry that there are some missing [...]

Encryption Software TrueCrypt 6.0 Released

Everyone's favorite free open-source encryption software TrueCrypt just released a new version over the weekend. TrueCrypt 6.0's biggest new feature is the ability to create and run an encrypted hidden operating system whose existence is impossible to prove! Some of the other enhancements include support for multi-core processors and multi-processor systems, and the ability to [...]

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