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Week 38 In Review – 2015

Events Related Black Hat USA 2015 Course Review - Adaptive Red Team Tactics from Veris Group - www.redblue.team Black Hat has something for everyone (across the defensive and offensive spectrum) and after considerable delibaration I decided to register for Adaptive Red Team Tactics from Veris Group. This is an interesting team in that a lot of the [...]

Week 37 In Review – 2015

Events Related 44CON - www.slideshare.net BSides Augusta 2015 Videos - www.irongeek.com Videos from the BSides Augusta conference. Resources Satellite Turla: APT Command and Control in the Sky - securelist.com When you are an APT group, you need to deal with many different problems. One of them, and perhaps the biggest, is the constant seizure and takedown of [...]

Week 35 In Review – 2015

Resources Black Hat 2015 Wrap Up – Part I - nettitude.co.uk This year, Black Hat (BH) 2015 came, as it usually does, with major security flaws and some “dojos” aside from the major android vulnerabilities we were exposed to and other types of security issues that are much less talked about, but still expose serious [...]