Week 29 In Review – 2014

Resources BGA talk slides – Marshall twitted his BGA talk slides on twitter. You can download the pdf from here. Building a Modern Security Engineering Organization – Continuous deployment and the DevOps philosophy have forever changed the ways in which businesses operate. This talk with discuss how security adapts effectively to these changes. Car Hacker's [...]

Information Security Twitter Lists

I’m not sure about yourself, but for me I find it hard to consume information from the twitter fire hose which is why they created the lists feature. Looking around there are several lists made for information security only people, but those lists were big and only slightly reduced the noise. Over the weekend I [...]

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Week 5 In Review – 2014

Resources BLE Fun With Ubertooth: Sniffing Bluetooth Smart and Cracking Its Crypto – Ubertooth is an open source platform for Bluetooth research. It has a powerful ARM microcontroller connected to a reconfigurable radio chip, the TI CC2400. Although it was originally built to monitor classic Basic Rate (BR) Bluetooth, it serves as an excellent platform [...]