Week 52 In Review – 2016

Resources VMware Security Advisories - vmware.com vSphere Data Protection (VDP) updates address SSH key-based authentication issue Techniques In Flight Hacking System - blog.ioactive.com What helped a lot to reduce that fear was to understand how things work in planes, and getting used to noises, bumps, and turbulence. This blog post is  about understanding a bit more about how things work aboard an aircraft. More specifically, the In-Flight Entertainment Systems (IFE) developed by Panasonic Avionics.   Other News Learning From A Year of Security Breaches - medium.com This year (2016) I accepted as much incident response work as I could. I spent about 300 hours responding to security incidents and data breaches this year as a consultant or volunteer.    

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Week 25 In Review – 2016

Events Related Circle City Con 2016 Videos - www.irongeek.com Area41 - 2016 - confseclive.wordpress.com I had the opportunity this year to attend Area41 conference in Zurich. The conference is organised by the DEFCON Switzerland group and the talks are mainly technical. ShowMeCon 2016 Videos - www.irongeek.com Recordings of talks and speakers at Security Fest 2016 - securityfest.com [...]

Week 28 In Review – 2015

Events Related The MiTM Mobile Contest: GSM Network Down at PHDays V - blog.ptsecurity.com The MiTM Mobile contest was held at PHDays for the first time, and it let the participants realize how easily an attacker can conduct the above-mentioned attacks having only a 10$ cell phone with some hacker freeware. SHAKACON SHAKACON was a [...]

Week 16 In Review – 2014

Events Related Highlights from the SyScan 2014 Conference – symantec.com David Maciejak recently attended the Symposium on Security for Asia Network (SyScan), an annual conference held in Singapore, which brings together computer security researchers from around the world. This year, security myths were dispelled and several interesting topics were discussed at the conference. The following is [...]

Week 49 In Review – 2013

Events Related BotConf 2013 Wrap-Up BotConf 2013 Wrap-Up Day #1 –blog.rootshell.be Xavier was in Nantes (France) for two days to attend a new conference: Botconf. As the name says, this event was dedicated to botnets and malwares. BotConf 2013 Wrap-Up Day #2 – blog.rootshell.be Here is the Day 2 wrap up of the conference by Xavier. The [...]

Several VMware Product Security Updates

VMware has just released new versions of their VMware ACE, VMware Player, VMware Server, and VMware Workstation products to fix several security issues. The updates to VMware ACE, Player, Server, and Workstation are: Setting ActiveX killbit Starting from this release, VMware has set the killbit on its ActiveX controls. Setting the killbit ensures that ActiveX [...]

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Security Update For VMware Workstation

A few days ago VMware released an update to their Workstation product to fix two major security issues. The latest version is now 6.0.4, Build 93057, and here you can download VMware Workstation. From the VMware Workstation 6.0 Release Notes: Workstation 6.0.4 addresses the following security issues: On Windows hosts, if VMCI is enabled, a [...]

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CanSecWest: Day 1 Recap

Most Informative Talk: Oded Horovitz's talk on VMware. He showed off some upcoming features of the product, like VMSafe, security APIs, and session replay. With VMSafe and the security APIs, you will be able to run code inside the hypervisor! In one demo, he showed how VMSafe can detect malware that was modified to bypass [...]

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