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Week 30 In Review – 2015

Resources Jailbreak or Root Detection: A False Sense of Security, Part 1 - bluebox.com Mobile management vendors have ingrained in the industry that jailbroken and rooted devices are bad: automatically deny all access. There is a widespread fear in the industry that these “compromised” devices jeopardize enterprise networks and are prone to leaking corporate secrets. [...]

Week 21 In Review – 2015

Resources Inside Yubikey Neo – hexview.com Yubikey Neo is a $50 authentication token (with bells and whistles) from Yubico. Yubico advertizes it as "practically indestructible". The product security section also claims that the device comes in a "tamper-proof casing" that is "practically impossible to tamper". Cipherli.st – cipherli.st Strong Ciphers for Apache, nginx and Lighttpd. These examples [...]