Week 6 in Review – 2013

Resources "Security Engineering" now available free online - lightbluetouchpaper.org I’m delighted to announce that my book Security Engineering – A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems is now available free online in its entirety. You may download any or all of the chapters from the book’s web page. The Anatomy of Unsecure Configuration: Reality Bites [...]

Week 5 in Review – 2013

Event Related Pentest & Reverse: iOS Application Hacking - esec-pentest.sogeti.com Last month, we gave some lectures about iOS application Hacking first at GreHack (Grenoble, France) and then at Hack.Lu (Luxembourg, Luxembourg). Here you will find the slides and the paper. Don't hesitate to send us your questions. Resources The Red team Mindset Course Part 1 [...]