Week 24 In Review

Events Related ENISA First 2011 The European Network & Information Security Agency (ENISA) formed in 2004. The agency supports the commission and the EU member states in the area of information security. Facilitate the exchange of information between EU institutions, the public sector and the private sector. Security Challenges for Future Systems - blog.c22.cc #First2011-Remediating [...]

Week 23 in Review – 2010

Events Related: The Ninth Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS 2010) - econinfosec.org Program for the upcoming Harvard security event. HackMiami Pwn-Off - n00bz.net Time to fire up the test machines because we have a battle royal. Workshop on the economics of information security 2010 - lightbluetouchpaper.org The workshop kicked off with a [...]