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Week 23 In Review – 2014

Resources CRITs-Collaborative Research Into Threats – Upload threat data and uncover critical information to keep your organization safe. Develop additional capabilities using the Services Framework to combine CRITs with third-party and home-grown intelligence systems. Heartbleed, Cupid and Wireless – Since Luis Grangeia presentation on cupid had gotten quite a bit of attention, he felt it’s [...]

Week 36 In Review – 2013

Tools SpiderFoot 2.0.4 released, new module, improvements and bug fixes – Kautilya 0.4.4 - dump lsa secrets, introduce vulns, improved backdoors and more – Here comes Kautilya 0.4.4. This version adds three new payloads and improves couple of others. Owasp Broken Web Applications Project VM v1.1 Released – Looking for the latest version? Download OWASP_Broken_Web_Apps_VM_1.1.7z. Techniques [...]

Week 4 in Review – 2013

Event Related University Courses on Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis - Today marks the commencement of the first lecture for our spring 2013 semester Reverse Engineering Malware course for the Aalto University (Espoo campus) in Finland. Resources Security Assessment of Blackberry Applications - Development of mobile applications have picked up really fast in [...]

Week 51 in Review – 2012

Resources Nils Jnemann: News about Google's Vulnerability Reward Program - Recently Adam Mein spoke at AppSec USA 2012 and Kevin Stadmeyer at SysScan 360 in Beijing about Google's experience with the Web Vulnerability Reward Program. Both are Security Program Manager at Google. Techniques 5 Tips to Ensure Safe Penetration Tests with Metasploit - [...]

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