Week 32 In Review

Events Related BlackHat 2011 Leftover notes and resources. Defcon/BlackHat Slides, Whitepaper, Tools - mcgrewsecurity.com BlackHat According to Twitter - blog.thinkst.com BlackHat Twitter Feed port 4848 - twitter.com BlackHat Twitter Feed Ws-attacks.org - twitter.com BlackHat Twitter Feed Tools For Soap - twitter.com Bit-squatting, DNS Hijacking Without Exploitation - nakedsecurity.sophos.com New Free Tool Helps Gather Attacker's Footprints [...]

USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies

This is the week of USENIX, as they have several security related workshops, and their annual  Security Symposium. On Monday, there was the Workshop on Offensive Technologies, and I was lucky enough to get invited to the workshop. Paul Vixie started the event by talking about the DNS cache poisoning vulnerability. He didn't talk about [...]

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