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Week 20 In Review – 2016

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Cybersecurity sleuths learn to think like hackers –
About 35 high-school students sit at neatly arranged rows of tables in the university’s gym. Another 115 college-level contestants surround the high schoolers. The room is pretty quiet, with only the occasional rattle from the New York subway tunnels below cutting into the hushed conversations.



Week 19 In Review – 2016


Phrack –


Can’t Hack a Hacker: Reverse Engineering a Discovered ATM Skimmer –
Brian Krebs has produced numerous articles on ATM skimmers. He has essentially become the “go to” journalist on ATM fraud. From reading his stuff, I have learned how the “bad guys” think when it comes to ATM fraud.

exploit-poc – […]

Information Security Events For May

Here are information security events in North America this month:

IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST 2016) : May 3 to 5 in McLean, VA, USA


Cyber Security Summit Dallas 2016 : May 3 in Dallas, TX, USA


SecureWorld Kansas City 2016 : May 4 in Kansas City, MO, USA


THOTCON 0x7 : May 5 […]

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Week 18 In Review – 2016

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OWASP AppSec California 2016 –


SyScan360 Singapore 2016 slides and exploit code –
The exploit for the bug I presented last March at SyScan360 is today one year old so I decided to release it. I wasn’t sure if I should do it or not since it can be used in the wild but […]

Week 16 In Review – 2016

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CanSecWest –

BSides Nashville 2016 Videos –

Infiltrate 2016 –


Ransomware: Past, Present, and Future –
The rise of ransomware over the past year is an ever growing problem. Businesses often believe that paying the ransom is the most cost effective way of getting their data back – and this may also be the […]

Week 15 In Review – 2016

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Tailoring the NIST Cybersecurity Framework for a Precise Fit –
One thing caught my attention right away: there were two digital clocks prominently displayed on either side of the auditorium. Both clocks were synchronized, and according to my phone, they were accurate to the second. It makes sense because NIST is the keeper of […]

Week 14 In Review – 2016

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Central Ohio Infosec Summit 2016 Videos –
These are the videos from the Central Ohio Infosec Summit conference.

Cyphercon 2016 Videos –
These are the videos from the Cyphercon 2016 conference.



pysap –
This Python library provides modules for crafting and sending packets using SAP’s NI, Message Server, Router, RFC, SNC, Enqueue and Diag protocols.


IoT IP camera teardown […]

Information Security Events For April

Here are information security events in North America this month:

DakotaCon 2016 : April 1 to 3 in Madison, WI, USA


WiCyS 2016 : April 1 to 2 in Dallas, TX, USA


InfoSec World Conference & Expo 2016 : April 4 to 6 in Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA


InfoWarCon 2016 : April 5 to 7 in Nashville, TN, […]

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Week 12 In Review – 2016

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Pwn2Own 2016: Hackers Earn $460,000 for 21 New Flaws –
On the first day, contestants earned $282,500 for vulnerabilities in Safari, Flash Player, Chrome, Windows and OS X. On the second day, Tencent Security Team Sniper took the lead after demonstrating a successful root-level code execution exploit in Safari via a use-after-free flaw in Safari and an […]

Week 11 In Review – 2016

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Another year, another RSAC –
I have attended 10 of the last 15 RSA conferences. I do this to see what’s new in the market, meet up with friends and colleagues I don’t get to see too often, listen to some technical talks, and enjoy a few interesting restaurants and taverns in SF.

Black Hat Europe […]