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Week 29 In Review – 2016

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Converge 2016 Videos –
These are the videos from the Converge Information Security Conference.

BSides Detroit 2016 Videos –
These are the videos from the BSides Detroit 2016 Conference.

AppSecEU 16 – Abhay Bhargav – SecDevOps: A View from the Trenches –


KeeThief – A Case Study in Attacking KeePass Part 2 –
The […]

Week 28 In Review – 2016

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USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 2016: The Best and Brightest Security Talks –
I recently attended the USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 2016 in Denver, Colorado. I was invited to give an industry talk, discussing my Bring Your Own Dilemma paper from last March (touching briefly on the Out Of Box Exploitation paper from May). Instead of just flying in […]

Information Security Events For July

Here are information security events in North America this month:

Converge Information Security Conference 2016 : July 14 to 16 in Detroit, MI, USA


BSides Detroit 2016 : July 16 in Detroit, MI, USA


BSides Connecticut 2016 : July 16 in Hamden, CT, USA


TakeDownCon Rocketcity 2016 : July 18 to 19 in Huntsville, AL, USA


TakeDownCon 2016 : July […]

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Week 26 In Review – 2016

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BSides Cleveland 2016 Videos –
These are the videos from the Bsides Cleveland conference.


MonitorDarkly –
This repo contains the exploit for the Dell 2410U monitor. It contains utilities for communicating with and executing code on the device.

148 Projects –



Other News

Judge says the FBI can […]

Week 25 In Review – 2016

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Circle City Con 2016 Videos –

Area41 – 2016 –
I had the opportunity this year to attend Area41 conference in Zurich. The conference is organised by the DEFCON Switzerland group and the talks are mainly technical.

ShowMeCon 2016 Videos –

Recordings of talks and speakers at Security Fest 2016 –


ActBlue […]

Week 23 In Review – 2016


Out-of-Box Exploitation: A Security Analysis of OEM Updaters –
Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) refer to the first boot of a new PC as the out-of-box experience (OOBE). As you battle your way through modal dialogues for questionable software, and agree to some exciting 30 day antivirus trials, it’s pretty forgivable to want to throw your […]

Information Security Events For June

Here are information security events in North America this month:

eCrime 2016 : June 1 to 3 in Toronto, ON, Canada


SecureWorld Atlanta 2016 : June 1 to 2 in Atlanta, GA, USA


CISO Executive Summit Atlanta : June 1 in Atlanta, GA, USA


RVAsec 2016 : June 2 to 3 in Richmond, VA, USA


Techno Security & Forensics Investigations […]

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Week 22 In Review – 2016

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NolaCon 2016 –


BlueCoat now has a CA signed by Symantec –

hitbsecconf2016ams –


Practical Malware Analysis Starter Kit –
This package contains most of the software referenced in Practical Malware Analysis. Some of the links have broken over time, some companies have folded or been bought.

1 alpha 20160525 (oe.eo) […]

Week 20 In Review – 2016

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Cybersecurity sleuths learn to think like hackers –
About 35 high-school students sit at neatly arranged rows of tables in the university’s gym. Another 115 college-level contestants surround the high schoolers. The room is pretty quiet, with only the occasional rattle from the New York subway tunnels below cutting into the hushed conversations.



Week 19 In Review – 2016


Phrack –


Can’t Hack a Hacker: Reverse Engineering a Discovered ATM Skimmer –
Brian Krebs has produced numerous articles on ATM skimmers. He has essentially become the “go to” journalist on ATM fraud. From reading his stuff, I have learned how the “bad guys” think when it comes to ATM fraud.

exploit-poc – […]