Week 4 In Review – 2017

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BSides Columbus 2017 Videos –
These are the videos from the BSides Columbus Ohio conference.


DevOoops: Client Provisioning (Vagrant) –
Notes from the 2015 Devoops Talk. Vagrant used to ship with a default keypair and was difficult to rotate.

Intel debugger interface open to hacking via USB –
New Intel processors contain a debugging interface […]

Week 38 In Review – 2016

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BSides Augusta 2016 Videos –
These are the videos from the BSides Augusta conference.


Long Secret Stingray Manuals Detail How Police Can Spy On Phones –
The Intercept has obtained several Harris instruction manuals spanning roughly 200 pages and meticulously detailing how to create a cellular surveillance dragnet.


Reprogramming the Defcon 24 badge –
The Defcon 24 […]

Week 31 In Review – 2016

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The Security Summer Camp Talks I Want To See… –
I took some time tonight and read through the Security Summer Camp (BSidesLV, Blackhat and Defcon) schedules and picked the talks from this year that I think will be the best and that I do not want to miss.

BlackHat/Def Con/BSides Talk Picks for 2016 – […]

Week 16 In Review – 2016

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CanSecWest –

BSides Nashville 2016 Videos –

Infiltrate 2016 –


Ransomware: Past, Present, and Future –
The rise of ransomware over the past year is an ever growing problem. Businesses often believe that paying the ransom is the most cost effective way of getting their data back – and this may also be the […]

Week 4 In Review – 2016

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ShmooCon: LastPass design elements create perfect Phishing opportunity –
Cassidy’s presentation at ShmooCon on Saturday morning outlined a clever Phishing attack against LastPass users, which is made possible due to design elements within the password manager’s core functions.

BSides Conference

BSides Columbus 2016 Videos –
BSidesNYC2016 –


dnstwist –
Domain name permutation engine for detecting typo […]

Week 29 In Review – 2015

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Black Hat attendee report highlights the mess we’re in –
Black Hat has released its first-ever attendee research report, highlighting infosec’s ongoing hiring crisis and a sector that feels poorly prepared to face current threats.

How We Fared in the Cyber Grand Challenge –
The Cyber Grand Challenge qualifying event was held on June 3rd, at […]

Information Security Events For November

Here are information security events in North America this month:

Hackfest Optimized: November 4 to November 5 in Quebec

BSides DFW: November 5 to November 6 in Irving



BSides Atlanta: November 4 in Atlanta


BSides Delaware: November 1 to November 12 in New Castle


SC Congress: November 16 in New York


And here are the information security events in the other […]

Information Security Events For October

Here are information security events in North America this month:

BSides PDX: October 7 in Portland

SANS Baltimore: October 9 to October 15 in Baltimore

SANS NCIC: October 11 to October 15 in Washington, D.C.

SecTor: October 17 to October 20 in Toronto

BSides Montana: October 21 to October 22 in Jefferson City

SANS Chicago: October 23 to October 28 Chicago


BSides […]

Week 31 In Review

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Notes from BlackHat 2011
Below are more than a dozen updates and resource portals for the recently concluded BlackHat conference.

Tavis Ormandy’s Sophail Presentation –
BlackHat 2011 Presentation –
Black Hat USA 2011 –
BH2011: Hacking Google Chome OS –
BlackHat 2011: Macs in the age of the APT –
Beresford @ Black Hat Part 1: […]

Information Security Events For August

Here are information security events in North America this month:

BSides Las Vegas: August 3 to August 5 in Las Vegas

DefCon 19: August 4 to August 8 in Las Vegas

SANS Boston: August 6 to August 15 in Boston

BSides Los Angeles: August 18 to August 20 in Los Angeles

SANS Security Architecture: August 29 to August 30 in […]