HOPE Twitter Carnival

//HOPE Twitter Carnival

Similar to yesterday’s HOPE Carnival post, here is a carnival of interesting things said about The Last HOPE conference on twitter.

  • crackhead : Domino’s Pizza has the largest consumer db of all, and they sell it. Nearly all law enforcement agencies have purchased it.
  • blogstar : RABBI – Relationship and Activity Analysis and Behaviour Informant. (Remote monitoring via cell phone data)
  • Alienswede : 3,000 cameras per sq mile in Manhattan. Avg person is caught on camera 140 times per day
  • spacerog :  "I would get girlfriends from hacking" what world do you live in?
  • spacerog : passive RFID can be picked up from 69 feet away
  • quine : Noisebridge is about to incorporate as a legal, non-profit in California. Major boon
  • quine : With 9 people with $1000 each, NYCresistor was able to cover 3 months of rent (and overhead?)
  • quine : "If you show people trust, they will take it and act like trustworthy people" (e.g. honor system for things like beverages)
  • quine : hackerspaces.org has quite a list of known hackerspaces
  • quine : Laws conflicting with Copyright Law and other laws: Communications Act of 1934, First Amendment, TEACH Act of 2002.
  • quine : RIAA v. Verizon — RIAA wanted identity of *1* user. DC District granted subpoena; court of appeals said "no".
  • quine : Fatwallet received DMCA notification. Fatwallet publishes *prices* — which are FACTS and not copyrighted
  • quine : List of DMCA agents — http://www.copyright.gov/on…
  • amazonv : Twilhelm@herot.net http://de-ice.hackerdemia.com new livetestCD
  • quine : ChillingEffects.org has an auto-generator for counter notification letters
  • amazonv : www.dnsstuff.com / netcraft / edgar filings / whois/ google for info gathering
  • quine : (more information on US v. Arnold at http://www.eff.org/cases/us…)
  • quine : Ex. of "reasonable suspicion" (?)…laptop gets searched, owner has "incoming" and "outgoing" dirs for P2P app. BAD
  • quine : Washington Post reported that law firms encourage employees to keep two laptops: one sanitized for travel, one for normal work.
  • spacerog : border agents can ask for encryption keys, one court has ruled that you do not have to provide keys, but is debateable
  • quine : One federal court ruled that you have 5th amendment right to refuse revealing your password.
  • quine : Counter: passwd itself not incriminating, information itself is (-Orin Kerr). Agents could detain you, seize laptop, deny entry
  • quine : HandsOffMyLaptop.com has form for you to write to Customs and Border Patrol to demand privacy impact assessment
  • amazonv : www.AlwaysUseZipcode.com
  • quine : Information on DMCA notifications and counternotifications: http://tinyurl.com/6f6d8q
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