Black Hat USA 2012 Top Picks

//Black Hat USA 2012 Top Picks

The schedule for this year’s Black Hat USA was recently released and we finally got a chance to inspect it and figure out what we were most excited to see. Overall there seems to be several interesting hardware (smart meter, routers, firmware, NFC, etc), mobile (iOS, Win7 phone, Android), and newish technologies (HTML5, IPv6, Windows 8) talks. The continuation of (free) workshops is awesome and the Dark Art of iOS Application Hacking, Ruby for Pentesters, and Code Reviewing Web Application Framework Based Applications all sound great.

Okay, so what are we most excited to see this year?

Smashing the Future for Fun and Profit – Jeff Moss & Bruce Schneier & Adam Shostack & Marcus Ranum & Jennifer Granick

Please join Black Hat for this very special session, as we bring together 5 of the original 1997-98 speakers: Jeff Moss, Bruce Schneier, Marcus Ranum, Adam Shostack, and Jennifer Granick to share their vision of security over the next 15 years.

Looking into the Eye of the Meter – Don Weber

This IS the talk that was not presented at ShmooCon 2012 in response to requests from a Smart Grid vendor and the concerns of several utilities. We have worked with them. They should be okay with this…..should…..

iOS Security – Dallas De Atley

Apple designed the iOS platform with security at its core. In this talk, Dallas De Atley, manager of the Platform Security team at Apple, will discuss key security technologies in iOS.

This is the first time Apple is officially talking about their security model at a security conference. I just hope this talk doesn’t end up as a giant security sales pitch and Dallas De Atley talks about some specifics. Or maybe the workshop that starts at the same time about iOS application hacking will be more interesting?


So those are our top three picks for this year. What are you most looking forward to?

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