Week 50 In Review – 2015

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  • CheatSheets – github.com
    Cheat sheets for various projects I contribute to (PowerView, PowerUp, and Empire).


  • Introduction to Modbus TCP traffic – www.vanimpe.eu
    Modbus is a serial communication protocol. It is the most widespread used protocol within ICS. It works in a Master / Slave mode. This means the Master has the pull the information from a Slave at regular times.
  • Tutorial: How to reverse unknown protocols using Netzob – blog.amossys.fr
    Netzob is an open source tool for reverse engineering, traffic generation and fuzzing of communication protocols. It allows to infer the message format and state machine of a protocol through passive and active processes. The model can afterward be used to simulate realistic and controllable traffic as well as fuzzing a target implementation.


  • SPartan – github.com
    SPartan is a Frontpage and Sharepoint fingerprinting and attack tool.


  • Bloatware Bugs: Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba – www.govinfosecurity.com
    Software that gets preinstalled on laptops and desktops by original equipment manufacturers is again in the limelight, after an information security researcher found remotely exploitable vulnerabilities in three different preinstalled software applications, or what is often referred to as junkware or bloatware.
  • Adobe, Microsoft Each Plug 70+ Security Holes – krebsonsecurity.com
    Adobe and Microsoft today independently issued software updates to plug critical security holes in their software. Adobe released a patch that fixes a whopping 78 security vulnerabilities in its Flash Player software. Microsoft pushed a dozen patch bundles to address at least 71 flaws in various versions of the Windows operating system and associated software.


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