Week 1 In Review – 2017


  • 33C3: Chris Gerlinsky Cracks Pay TV – hackaday.com
    People who have incredible competence in a wide range of fields are rare, and it can appear deceptively simple when they present their work.
    [Chris Gerlinksy]’s talk on breaking the encryption used on satellite and cable pay TV set-top boxes was like that.


  • mitmproxy: release v1.0.0 – The Christmas Edition – github.com
    This release sees two changes in our process. First, we’re committing to a much more regular cadence, aiming for a new release every two months (with minor bugfix and patch releases in between). Second, each of these releases will see a major version number increment – this is v1.0, we’ll release v2.0 by the end of February, and so forth.


  • Buying Internal Domain Access – room362.com
    For anyone who knows me, they know that I’ve been obsessed with DNS for a long time. However, in this post I will show results of something I can’t quite explain.


  • 12 Days of HaXmas: 2016 IoT Research Recap – community.rapid7.com
    As we close out the end of the year, I find it important to reflect on the IoT vulnerability research conducted during 2016 and what we learned from it. There were several exciting IoT vulnerability research projects conducted by Rapid7 employees in 2016, which covered everything from lighting automation solutions to medical devices.

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