Week 22 In Review – 2017

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  • Secure iOS application development – github.com
    This guide is a collection of the most common vulnerabilities found in iOS applications. The focus is on vulnerabilities in the applications’ code and only marginally covers general iOS system security, Darwin security, C/ObjC/C++ memory safety, or high-level application security. 
  • SambaCry
    Developers of Samba disclosed a critical vulnerability that affects the file sharing component. Samba is a suite of tools that helps in the interoperability between UNIX with Microsoft Windows. The vulnerable component is the daemon that offers file sharing capabilities.

  • EternalBlue
    While EternalBlue was making all the headlines, we also landed an exploit module for the IIS ScStoragePathFromUrl bug (CVE-2017-7269) for Windows 2003 from the same dump. T

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