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Week 34 in Review – 2013

Event Related Femtocell Presentation Slides, Videos and App - We're back from Las Vegas, rested, and finally ready to release the slides, videos, and our app from our presentation at Black Hat and Defcon: Traffic Interception and Remote Mobile Phone Cloning with a Compromised CDMA Femtocell. BlackHat Conference: Z-Wave Security - We are [...]

Week 32 in Review – 2013

Event Related DefCon #DEFCON Defense by numbers: Making Problems for Script Kiddies and Scanner Monkeys - Despite my fears of freezing on stage and beginning to drool like a moron, I think the presentation went well. Excluding of course the point where Powerpoint decided it would die in a fire rather than show my [...]

Week 31 in Review – 2013

Event Related Course Review: SANS SEC573 Python for Penetration Testers - “SANS SEC573 Python for Penetration Testers” is a five-day class that teaches the basics of the Python language then builds on that knowledge to show how to utilize its specialized libraries to perform network capture and analysis, SQL injection, Metasploit integration, password guessing [...]

Week 28 in Review – 2013

Event Related ToorCon Seattle 2013 - Weaponizing your coffee pot - As SoC price continue to drop and their implementation continues to rise, connected “appliances" (Internet of Things) will be become an attractive avenue for cyber criminals. Due to the fact they provide no traditional feedback (monitor) or input (mouse/keyboard), If one were able to compromise [...]

Week 27 in Review – 2013

Event Related Hack in Paris 2013 edition Video and Slides available now on each talk briefing! BYOD - The Privacy and Compliance Risks from Bringing Your Own Mobile Device to Work - Remoting Android Applications for Fun and Profit - The Control of Technology by Nation State : Past, Present and Future - The Case of Cryptology and [...]

Week 26 in Review – 2013

Event Related HackMiami Releases Results of Web Application Security Scanner '2013 Pwn-Off - PenTest Shootout' - HackMiami researchers have released a comprehensive whitepaper that detail the results of the 2013 Pwn-Off Pen-Test Tools Shootout that took place on Miami Beach during the HackMiami 2013 Hackers Conference. Resources Penetration Testing for iPhone 5 Penetration Testing [...]

Week 25 in Review – 2013

Event Related Bsides Boston - Security BSides Boston is a community driven event, created by information security professionals. The goal of Security BSides is to expand the security communication and expand the community. Over 200 students, technologists and information security professionals participate each year in Cambridge, MA. Don't miss out and register today!! (as [...]