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Week 17 in Review – 2012

Event Related Our CanSecWest 2012 slides on passive DNS and Picviz - Alexandre Dulaunoy from CIRCL.LU and Sebastien Tricaud from Picviz Labs have been talking at CanSecWest 2012 in Vancouver, Canada, on how to scrutinize a country using passive DNS and Picviz. SyScan 2012 Singapore slides - Conference and slides of SyScan 2012 [...]

Week 12 in Review – 2012

Event Related CanSecWest 2012 Hardware Involved Software Attack - Material for CanSecWest 2012 by Jeff ForristralVulnerability analysis, practical data flow analysis and visualization - Recently at CanSecWest 2012, we presented on the technology we use for analyzing malicious samples and PoC files. As malware often actively attempts to exploit software vulnerabilities these days, [...]