Week 9 In Review – 2015

Resources BSides Tampa 2015 Videos – irongeek.com These are the videos from the BSides Tampa conference. You can watch and download the videos from here. Gemalto presents the findings of its investigations into the alleged hacking of SIM card encryption keys by Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) – gemalto.com The [...]

Week 7 In Review – 2015

Resources Today I Am Releasing Ten Million Passwords – xato.net A carefully-selected set of data provides great insight into user behavior and is valuable for furthering password security. So Mark Burnett built a data set of ten million usernames and passwords that he is releasing to the public domain. BSides Huntsville 2015 Videos – irongeek.com These are [...]

Week 1 In Review – 2015

Resources Index of /projects/media.ccc.de/congress/2014/h264-hd/ – mirror.us.oneandone.net Index of 31c3 congress videos are available here. You can watch and download the videos from here. 31C3: a new dawn - media.ccc.de You can browse and watch all the videos of 31c3 congress from here. World's Biggest Data Breaches – informationisbeautiful.net interactive ‘Balloon Race’ code of World's Biggest Data Breaches powered [...]

Week 50 In Review – 2014

Resources Free eBook Download, Getting Started with OpenBTS – openbts.org The new OpenBTS book is being made available for free! Fill in your name and e-mail address and they'll send you a DRM-free PDF of the book. Nosuchcon 2014-Live stream – nosuchcon.org Here are a List of HLS streams available. Open with VLC, mplayer, a browser on [...]

Week 48 In Review – 2014

Resources Cyberspectrum: Bay Area Software Defined Radio #1 (Nov 2014) HD – youtube.com A video of DSP topics relevant to implementation of simple software-defined radios. Focuses on visual explanations of fundamental manipulations of digital signals, including analytic signals, frequency shifting, sampling rates, filtering, and the discrete Fourier transform. Tools HDD firmware tools – github.com This repository contains [...]

Week 36 In Review – 2014

Resources iCloud keychain and iOS 7 Data Protection – slideshare.net If you are concerned about cloud security, read this presentation by Andrey Belenko Sr. Security Engineer @ viaForensics and Alexey Troshichev @hackappcom founder. Leveraging WMI for shells – secabstraction.com secabstraction always try to think about how he might get something done by leveraging WMI, since it's usually [...]

Week 32 In Review – 2014

Resources Introducing LiveDump.exe – crashdmp.wordpress.com Microsoft has added back the ability to dump physical memory to disk (in the form of a dump file) from user mode via NtSystemDebugControl. Sippy wrote a quick proof-of-concept tool and generated what appears to be a 250mb kernel bitmap dump. About the USB Descriptor Collection – usbdescriptors.com This site tries to [...]

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Week 30 In Review – 2014

Resources BSides Cleveland 2014 Videos – irongeek.com These are the videos from the Bsides Cleveland conference. You can watch and download the videos from here. Dispelling Confusion and Myths: iOS Proof-of-Concept – zdziarski.com A quick POC demonstrating how File Relay and other services can be abused to dump a significant amount of personal data from an iOS [...]

Week 22 In Review – 2014

Events Related HITB Amsterdam 2014 Wrap-up HITB Amsterdam 2014 Wrap-up Day #1 – blog.rootshell.be Xavier is in Amsterdam for attending at the new edition of Hack In The Box. This is a special edition with many improvements. HITB2014AMS – Day 1 – State of the ART: Exploring the New Android KitKat Runtime – www.corelan.be This is a [...]

Week 13 In Review – 2014

Resources iOS Application Security Part 32 - Automating Tasks With iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit (iRET) – highaltitudehacks.com In this article, we will talk about a new tool named iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit (iRET) that has just been released to assist penetration testers in automating most of the tasks involved in a iOS penetration test. The project [...]