Hacker Halted: Summary

//Hacker Halted: Summary


This was my first time at the Hacker Halted conference, and it was quite enjoyable. I loved the venue, and the talks were informative.

One major disappointment was that Howard Schmidt didn’t talk as planned due to travel issues. It’s not the conference’s fault, but I thought his talk would be the highlight of the event.

The presentation I enjoyed the most was by Johnny Long on no tech hacking. I missed his talk at Black Hat last year, and finally I got the chance to see it. His presentation skills are excellent, and the talk was very interactive.

Since the conference was ran by EC-Council, the group that runs the Certified Ethical Hacker program, and the conference was called Hacker Halted, I thought the audience would include more security professionals. Instead there were lots of middle managers, entry level IT security folks, and college students.

But I still got to meet some interesting people, and have interesting conversations about information security.

Thanks to Leonard Chin, and Hacker Halted for allowing us to cover the event.

Update: My (limited) pictures are now up on flickr.

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  1. Michelle Wong June 21, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    Hi there! We will be launching Hacker Halted 2008 in July and the Hacker Halted 2008 will be held on November. Would you be interested to attend the conference again?

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