Printable Agenda for Black Hat and DEFCON

//Printable Agenda for Black Hat and DEFCON

With the two big conferences (Black Hat USA and DEFCON 22) coming up, we started to look into what awesome presentations will be occurring, but we noticed that the schedule is not very printer friendly. So we spent some time to replicate the agenda and put it into a format that will print.

Note that because there are a ton of tracks at Black Hat, that the agenda will need to be printed on legal paper. All the page lines are setup so it should print fine. The presentation descriptions are also included for reference purposes, but the page margins are not cleanly defined so you have been warned if you attempt to print it.

Also note that the information was pulled from the two conference sites over the weekend, so if any changes occurred recently, they will not be reflected in the attachments. You should refer to the original sites for the latest up-to-date information. This information was put together for the community to use and help identify what sessions they attend.

Enjoy and we will see you in Las Vegas!

P.S. There is still time to enter for a free Black Hat USA Briefings ticket. Drawing will end on July 18th.

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