Week 36 In Review – 2015

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  • WPSploit – github.com
    This repository is designed for creating and/or porting of specific exploits for WordPress using metasploit as exploitation tool.
  • armory-pass – github.com
    Password manager for USB Armory
  • Sleepy Puppy – github.com
    Sleepy Puppy is a cross-site scripting (XSS) payload management framework which simplifies the ability to capture, manage, and track XSS propagation over long periods of time.
  • CrackMapExec – github.com
    A swiss army knife for pentesting Windows/Active Directory environments
  • Peeking Inside the BGM111 Bluetooth Module – blog.lacklustre.net
    In August Silicon Labs released the BGM111, a Bluetooth Smart (BLE) module that might be powering the next generation of IoT devices in customers’ hands and on hackers’ workbenches.


Other News

  • Justice Department Announces Enhanced Policy for Use of Cell-Site Simulators – www.justice.gov
    The Justice Department today announced a new policy for its use of cell-site simulators that will enhance transparency and accountability, improve training and supervision, establish a higher and more consistent legal standard and increase privacy protections in relation to law enforcement’s use of this critical technology.

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