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//Cleveland Security Community

Cleveland has always been an area with a constantly evolving and growing information security. Recently, it has seen a resurgence of activity and is more active than ever! There are a number of active Cleveland-area groups which meet with differing regularity. See their details below:

Monthly Events
CleveSec – CleveSec is an information security group with a focus on community engagement and learning. On the second Tuesday of each month, CleveSec has its meeting night with two talks and discussions. The location of these meetings rotates between several venues, so be sure to check the Meetup for up-to-date information. On the last Tuesday of every month, CleveSec also features a community night wherein the group gets together for a less formal event like a pub night or movie. CleveSec is also working with local non-profits to create volunteer opportunities for its members.

NEOISF – The Northeast Ohio Information Security Forum is one of Cleveland’s oldest infosec groups, coming up on it’s tenth year. Their meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month in Independence. The members of this group have very diverse backgrounds, and are generally more experienced than members of other local groups. As such, the topics covered at these meetings tend to lean more technical.

NEO ISACA – The Northeast Ohio ISACA chapter meets monthly at Harry’s Steakhouse in Independence. These meetings are more formal than any other group on this list, and the talks are generally more centered around risk, compliance, and governance than general infosec. Be sure to check out the page linked above for exact times and dates of each meeting.

Cleveland Locksport – Cleveland Locksport is a small, but extremely welcoming and friendly group for pickers and people interested in physical security at all experience levels! Their meetings are held on the third Saturday of every month at noon at the Shaker LaunchHouse in Shaker Heights.

Quarterly Events
OWASP Cleveland – The Cleveland OWASP chapter meets quarterly, but not on a set date. Be sure to check the wiki page and sign up for the newsletter for up-to-date details. The meetings feature one talk focused 100% on application security. The location alternates between Hyland Software and SecureState.

NOC Infragard – The Northern Ohio Chapter of Infragard follows the mission of its parent organization: to promote ongoing dialogue and timely communication between the organization’s members and the FBI. The meetings are held quarterly, but be sure to check the page linked above for up-to-date location and time information. These meetings are free and open to the public, although they do require registration.

Yearly Events
BSides Cleveland – The BSides Conference series was born out of the number of excellent talks being rejected from the big west-coast summer conferences which comprised the first BSides Las Vegas. Since then, most major cities have started their own BSides conference and Cleveland is no exception. BSides Cleveland is held in late spring/early summer and is always free and open to everyone! Check the link above for yearly details.

Information Security Summit – The Information Security Summit is held twice yearly, once in Spring, and once in Fall. These conferences are geared towards the executive level and feature talks mostly on compliance and governance.

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