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Cleveland Security Community

Cleveland has always been an area with a constantly evolving and growing information security. Recently, it has seen a resurgence of activity and is more active than ever! There are a number of active Cleveland-area groups which meet with differing regularity. See their details below: Monthly Events CleveSec - CleveSec is an information security group [...]

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Week 2 In Review – 2015

Resources Win32 Assembly Cheat Sheet – strchr.com The idea is to put all reference information about x86 assembly language on the one page. You will find various kinds of moves (MOV, CMOV, XCHG), arithmetical (ADD, SUB, MUL, DIV) and logical (AND, OR, XOR, NOT) instructions here. The International Conference on PASSWORDS 2014. – video.adm.ntnu.no The International Conference [...]

Week 37 In Review – 2014

Events Related ArchC0n ’14 Report – www.digitalbond.com Dale Peterson spoke at the inaugural ArchC0n in St. Louis this Saturday. The main reason he chose to go to this IT security event was they had Richard Bejtlich, Bruce Schneier and Charlie Miller as keynotes. Quite a haul for the first run. Here are some of the items [...]

Information Security Events For February

Here are information security events in North America this month:   NDSS Symposium 2012 : February 5 to 8 in San Diego, California USA   ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy (CODASPY) : February 8  to 12 in San Antonio, TX USA   DOJ Cyber Security Conference : February 8 to 9 in Washington, D.C. [...]

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Week 48 In Review

Events Related OWASP ATL Presentation - intrepidusgroup.com I recently gave a presentation at OWASP ATL on the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and how to assess mobile applications. This was a light weight discussion of the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and some topical and technical concerns related to securing mobile applications. OWASP Benelux Days 2011 - [...]

Information Security Events For December

Here are information security events in North America this month: BayThreat 2011: December 9 to December 11 in Mountain View SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2011: December 9 to December 16 in Washington, DC   And here are the information security events in the other parts of the world: BeneLux OWASP Day 2011: December 1 to [...]

San Francisco Bay Area Security Community

Each week, we’ll highlight a major city in the US and cover the places and events you can go to in that area to get your security information fix. This post is part of the information security communities. The Bay Area scene is very active and covers a broad spectrum, so expect local professional groups [...]