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I'm the founder of and we make tasks easy for you using good ol' homo sapien skills. No robots here! We do transcription, blogging and article writing for fun and profit.

Week 2 In Review

Resources How Modern Cars Can Be Cracked - SOURCE Barcelona Resources from September 2011 - Links, articles, and media from the event. OSCP-My Review - The OSCP certification is an offensive security course which teaches the attacking side of Information Security and is largely aimed at those wanting to become penetration testers. [...]

Week 1 In Review

Events Related Highlights from the 28th Chaos Communications Congress - The Chaos Communications Congress is the annual meetup of Germany's Chaos Computer Club, one of the oldest hacker collectives in the world. It takes place in Berlin every year at the height of the holiday season between Christmas and New Year's Eve, a time [...]

Week 52 In Review

Events Related Chaos Communications Congress Debriefing(s) ...dedicated to information about the conferences and events of the CCC. Being our most important event, the annual Chaos Communication Congress is usually the main focus. But we provide announcements and background information for other CCC events as well – be it regional or international. Crypto talk at 28C3: [...]

Week 51 In Review

Resources OWASP Risk Assessment Calculator - Congress Authorizes Offensive Use of Cyberwarfare - Historic document via Federation of American Scientists "... Congress affirms that the Department of Defense has the capability, and upon direction by the President may conduct offensive operations in cyberspace to defend our Nation, Allies and interests, subject to--" Tools [...]

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Week 49 In Review

Events Related PacSec 2011 Presented Material - English/Japanese versions of PacSec 2011 Tokyo event last month. @OWASP Tokyo Webservices: Attack, defenses, and hardening - Archives for ClubHack 2011 Videos - MalCon 2011 YouTube Channel - Resources Welcome Message - New open source, creative commons powered teaching portal on computer [...]

Week 48 In Review

Events Related OWASP ATL Presentation - I recently gave a presentation at OWASP ATL on the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and how to assess mobile applications. This was a light weight discussion of the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and some topical and technical concerns related to securing mobile applications. OWASP Benelux Days 2011 - [...]

Information Security Events For December

Here are information security events in North America this month: BayThreat 2011: December 9 to December 11 in Mountain View SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2011: December 9 to December 16 in Washington, DC   And here are the information security events in the other parts of the world: BeneLux OWASP Day 2011: December 1 to [...]

Week 47 In Review

Events Related Source Barcelona 2011 Materials - Quick post to link our information from Source Barcelona 2011. @kernelsmith & i discussed alternative use cases for the Metasploit Framework. The presentation was shotgun / AHA! style, meaning we had a number of 5 minute mini-presentations within the larger 50 minute preso. DeepSec Diary - The first [...]