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Each week, we’ll highlight a major city in the US and cover the places and events you can go to in that area to get your security information fix. This post is part of the information security communities.

The city of angels is a diverse melting pot that’s also Hollywood’s beating heart. Thanks to the presence of major industries, there are local professional groups all over Los Angeles. The whole scene is bustling with activity.

  • OWASP Los Angeles Chapter – Next meeting is on the night of June 22. Open the link for the whole scoop on mailing lists and contacts. There are also tons of resources in their chapter page over at OWASP HQ.
  • Los Angeles ISSA Local Chapter – Have a big summit happening next week. Open the link to check out their official site; mailing lists. membership openings, and other resources are available there.
  • ISACA Los Angeles Chapter – They also have a dinner meeting next week (the 14th to be specific). Like most ISACA chapters, there’s an open invitation for membership and a wealth of info on their website, where an official newsletter can be subscribed to.
  • InfraGard Los Angeles Chapter – Probably the largest, broadest, and most eclectic branch of InfraGard in the United States. Infragard L.A. covers all seven counties and have lots of meetings. This month alone has more than a couple. Check their calendar for the necessary details.
  • AITP Los Angeles – Unlike most AITP Chapters, the Los Angeles people are up and running the whole year round. In fact, they’ve got a meeting on the 23rd. Membership, archives, and contacts are all available in their website, so just open the link.

Considering how much action there is on a weekly basis, it’s no surprise things are pretty intense on the local meetings front as well.

  • DefCon Los ANgeles/DC213 – There seems to be a problem with the site. Try DefCon HQ for an alternative means of getting in touch with this DefCon group.
  • LA2600 – One of the oldest 2600 groups in existence. Here’s the latest on their next meet: “Union Station, corner of Macy & Alameda. Inside main entrance by bank of phones.” This happens first Friday of every month.
  • Dorkbot SoCal – They just wrapped an event over at hackerspace Machine project. but stay tuned, they’re pretty active.

Los Angeles must be full of hackerspaces, right? Right.

  • Crash Space – Regularly meet on Tuesdays and spend ridiculous amounts of time on awesome DIY builds.
  • Hacker’s Bike Ride L.A. – A strange combination of bicycle rides and computer lust. Worth checking out. A lot of serious hacking goes down here on a regular basis, so maybe you’d want to pay them a visit.
  • Machine Project – A special enclave where all manner of art and science project monstrosities come to life.
  • Null Space Labs – Weekly meetings, hacking fun, and a welcoming atmosphere (always open to visitors). You’re really tempted to drop by the place.
  • Sugar Shack – A haven for creative types of any persuasion. They’ve got projects and art in great abundance. They meet on Sundays.

Lots of big security events too.

  • 3rd Annual Information Security Summit – A rare meeting of corporate, IT, and security professionals that transpire son June 15. The theme is protecting businesses from cyber attacks. (Hello Sony?) Register here.
  • BSides Los Angeles – Won’t happen until August. It happens by the beach and registration is already open.
  • ISACA LA Spring Conference 2011 – A bit too late since it happened two months ago. Still, there’s going to be a sequel next year for sure.

There might be a few groups and events we missed. If so, feel free to chime in at the comments.

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