Week 20 In Review – 2014

Resources Infiltrate 2014 – Here are some additional resources of Zach Cutlip that may have mentioned in his Infiltrate 2014 presentation. BlueHat Security Briefings: Fall 2013 Sessions – The 2013 BlueHat Security Briefings took place on the Microsoft campus in December 2013. Here are the list of talks and discussions. Tools mimikatz 2.0 alpha 20140519 – [...]

Week 44 in Review – 2010

Events Related: Getting Into Information Security Intelligence Gathering: A BlueHat v10 Retrospective from Speakers Ian Iftach Amit and Fyodor Yarochkin - Having a chance to share this kind of research and finding like-minded individuals who are busy working the same angles is a real treat, and one of the major quality assurance measures we [...]

Information Security Events for October

. Here are the information security events in North America this month: 20th Virus Bulletin International Conference: September 29 - October 1 in Vancouver Workshop on Managing Systems via Log Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques: October 3 in Vancouver Hacker Halted: October 9 - 15 in Miami BlueHat v10: A Security Odyssey: October 14 -15 [...]

Microsoft BlueHat v8

Microsoft had another BlueHat conference last month, and they recently posted some videos and interviews on the TechNet BlueHat v8: C3P0wned page. Only the keynote from day one was captured on video, but all of day two was captured. Many interviews were captured through, to give us some idea of what they were talking about. [...]

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