Week 44 In Review – 2016

Events Related Charlie Miller Keynote, Automotive Security: A Hacker's Eye View - The security of today's vehicles involves many moving parts, but while manufactures take a majority of the blame, multiple parties contribute to the security debt in today's vehicle ecosystem. This keynote takes a deep dive into automotive security, current attacks and vulnerabilities, [...]

Week 43 In Review – 2015

Events Related HouSecCon v6 2015 Videos - 2015 Today started the 11th edition of in Luxembourg. Being one of my preferred event, I drove to Luxembourg this morning direction to the Alvisse Parc hotel! 2015 Wrap-Up Day #1 - 2015 Wrap-Up Day #2 - 2015 Wrap-Up Day #3 [...]

Week 41 In Review – 2013

Resources Louisville Infosec 2013 Videos – Here are the videos from Louisville Infosec 2013 conference. BruCON talks – BruCON is an annual security and hacker conference providing two days of an interesting atmosphere for open discussions of critical infosec issues, privacy, information technology and its cultural/technical implications on society. Here are the videos from BruCON [...]

Week 39 In Review – 2013

Events Related BruCON 0×05 Wrap Up Here is Xavier's quick wrap-up of  BruCON 0×05. Actually it’s not a wrap-up about the talks. He gives some statistics about the visitors. Resources One Weird Trick for Finding More Crashes – CERT Vulnerability Analysis Team announced the release of updates to both of their fuzzing tools, the CERT [...]

Week 39 In Review

Events Related Ekoparty aftermath Miscelaneous material on the recent Ekoparty Ekoparty presentation: Cloud and Control - Bypassing code signing policy - Post #BruCon Network Analysis - BruCON is over! As usual, when I attended a security conference, I’m trying to write a small wrap-up for me followers. With BruCON, it’s completely different: I’m on [...]

Week 42 in Review – 2010

Events Related: Save the date: 23 & 24 Sept 2011 - For those who like to plan ahead, keep Friday and Saturday 23 & 24 September 2011 free. BSidesOttawa Schedule Confirmed! - BSides Ottawa is fast approaching and today we can share the schedule of superb talks that cover a broad spectrum of [...]

Week 39 in Review – 2010

Events Related: EnergySec Summit Recap - The “Intersection of Security and Compliance” conference theme turned out to be largely an indictment of NERC CIP. What I learned at Brucon 2010 - Bottom line: Brucon was awesome! And now my "trademark" post on what I learned (with lots of pictures) BruCon 2010 Training & [...]

Week 38 in Review – 2010

Events Related: Security BSides Kansas City Re-cap - BSidesKC was a one day, one track conference packed full of great talks given by great speakers. Below you will find brief descriptions of each talk along with links to the slides where available. What I personally learned at CyberRAID - Blind SQL injection and [...]

Information Security Events for September

. Here are the information security events in North America this month: AppSec USA 2010: September 7 -10 in Irvine The International Symposium on Visualization for Computer Security (VizSec):  September 14 in Ottawa ISSA International Conference: September 15 - 17 in Atlanta The 13th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Intrusion Detection (RAID): September 15 [...]