Week 39 In Review – 2016

Resources RECON 2016 Recon Recordings - Recon Slides - Derbycon 2016 Videos - These are the videos of the presentations from Derbycon 2016. Louisville Infosec 2016 Videos - Videos from the Louisville Infosec 2016 conference. R00tz 2016 - Tools PowerShell-Suite - Bypass-UAC is self-contained and does not have any dependencies, bar a [...]

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Week 39 In Review – 2013

Events Related BruCON 0×05 Wrap Up Here is Xavier's quick wrap-up of  BruCON 0×05. Actually it’s not a wrap-up about the talks. He gives some statistics about the visitors. Resources One Weird Trick for Finding More Crashes – CERT Vulnerability Analysis Team announced the release of updates to both of their fuzzing tools, the CERT [...]

Week 39 in Review – 2012

Event Related Snoopy: A distributed tracking and profiling framework - At this year's 44Con conference (held in London) Daniel and I introduced a project we had been working on for the past few months. Snoopy, a distributed tracking and profiling framework, allowed us to perform some pretty interesting tracking and profiling of mobile users [...]

Week 40 In Review

Events Related DerbyCon Aftermath Leftover notes and resources on DerbyCon DerbyCon Recap - DerbyCon 2011 Videos - More DerbyCon 2011 Videos - OWASP AppSec USA 2011 - Schedule and list of speakers for the upcoming event. Resources  Dirty Little Secrets In Pentesting Resource archive The Dirty Little Secrets They Didn't Teach You [...]

Week 1 in Review – 2011

Events Related: Derbycon I will admit there is limited spacing, we rented the entire second floor of the Hyatt and tickets will go fast. new hacker con, hell of speaker list: DerbyCon - Derbycon Teaser Video and website launch date announced - ShmooCon CTF Warmup 2011 - A couple of PPP members [...]

Week 32 in Review – 2010

Events Related: "Crack Me If You Can" - DEFCON 2010 - The core-count for teams using clusters or EC2 are rough equivalents based on the number of compute-hours they report having used. See each teams' specific writeup for more details. BSidesLasVegas Recap – Day 1 - Since I took the most notes on [...]