Week 8 In Review – 2017

Tools  Universal Radio Hacker - github.com The Universal Radio Hacker is a software for investigating unknown wireless protocols. HackRF - github.com Techniques How to build a 8 GPU password cracker - www.shellntel.com This build doesn't require any "black magic" or hours of frustration like desktop components do. If you follow this blog and its parts [...]

Week 3 In Review – 2017

Tools Acunetix Free Manual Pen Testing Tools - www.acunetix.com Acunetix Manual Tools allow penetration testers to further automated testing. waveconverter - github.com Factoria Labs 2016 WaveConverter is a Python application, built on GTK+ 3. The GUI has been implemented via Glade. A sqlite database has been implemented via sqlalchemy. Techniques Cracking The 12+ Character Password [...]

Week 29 In Review – 2016

Events Related Converge 2016 Videos - www.irongeek.com These are the videos from the Converge Information Security Conference. BSides Detroit 2016 Videos - www.irongeek.com These are the videos from the BSides Detroit 2016 Conference. AppSecEU 16 - Abhay Bhargav - SecDevOps: A View from the Trenches - www.youtube.com Resources KeeThief – A Case Study in Attacking KeePass Part [...]

Week 19 In Review – 2016

Resources Phrack - phrack.org Tools Can’t Hack a Hacker: Reverse Engineering a Discovered ATM Skimmer - trustfoundry.net Brian Krebs has produced numerous articles on ATM skimmers. He has essentially become the “go to” journalist on ATM fraud. From reading his stuff, I have learned how the “bad guys” think when it comes to ATM fraud. [...]

Week 10 In Review – 2016

Events Related BSides San Francisco 2016 Videos - www.irongeek.com These are the videos from the BSides San Francisco conference. BSides Indy 2016 Videos - www.irongeek.com These are the videos from the BSides Indy conference. Tools HTCAP - www.htcap.org htcap is a web application scanner able to crawl single page application (SPA) in a recursive manner by intercepting ajax calls [...]

Week 51 In Review – 2015

Resources Unofficial Guide to Mimikatz & Command Reference - adsecurity.org This page details as best as possible what each command is, how it works, the rights required to run it, the parameters (required & optional), as well as screenshots and additional context (where possible). Index of /docs/Slides/2015 - deepsec.net CVE-2015-8446 (Flash up to And [...]

Week 41 In Review – 2015

Events Related hardwear.io Conference Jumping right in with the keynote of Day 1 by Jon Callas and my favorite quote “Make your devices fixable”. Enough said. Conference Day 1 - www.insinuator.net Conference Day 2 - www.insinuator.net Applied Physical Attacks on x86 Systems - www.insinuator.net GrrCON 2015 Videos - www.irongeek.com Videos of the presentations from GrrCON 2015 Resources [...]

Week 30 In Review – 2015

Resources Jailbreak or Root Detection: A False Sense of Security, Part 1 - bluebox.com Mobile management vendors have ingrained in the industry that jailbroken and rooted devices are bad: automatically deny all access. There is a widespread fear in the industry that these “compromised” devices jeopardize enterprise networks and are prone to leaking corporate secrets. [...]

Week 34 In Review – 2014

Events Related USENIX Security '14 Technical Sessions – usenix.org The full Proceedings published by USENIX for the symposium are available for download here. Individual papers can also be downloaded from the presentation page. WOOT '14 Workshop Program -usenix.org The full papers published by USENIX for the workshop are available for download as an archive or individually below. [...]

Week 34 in Review – 2013

Event Related Femtocell Presentation Slides, Videos and App - isecpartners.com We're back from Las Vegas, rested, and finally ready to release the slides, videos, and our app from our presentation at Black Hat and Defcon: Traffic Interception and Remote Mobile Phone Cloning with a Compromised CDMA Femtocell. BlackHat Conference: Z-Wave Security - sensepost.com We are [...]