Week 3 In Review – 2017


  • waveconverter – github.com
    Factoria Labs 2016 WaveConverter is a Python application, built on GTK+ 3. The GUI has been implemented via Glade. A sqlite database has been implemented via sqlalchemy.


  • Cracking The 12+ Character Password Barrier, Literally – www.netmux.com
    What do I mean by cracking 12 characters passwords and above? I’m simply stating that with modern hardware, like the “budget” cracking rig, we can almost exhaustively search the highest probability keyspace for candidate passwords, against fast hashes like MD5, NTLM, SHA1, etc…, in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Sniffing GSM Traffic with HackRF – z4ziggy.wordpress.com
    While my friend and colleague Simone was visiting our ZIMPERIUM – Enterprise Mobile Security TLV office, we got our hands on HackRF and hacked together the unguarded boarders of Radio Frequencies.


Other News

  • Researchers warn peace sign photos could expose fingerprints – www.engadget.com
    The peace sign is many people’s go-to picture pose, and it’s particularly popular in East Asia, but according to researchers it’s also the perfect way to expose your fingerprints online. In a study conducted at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics (NII), investigators found that, if the focus and lighting was right, they could recreate fingerprints from images shot up to 3 meters (nearly 10 feet) from the subject.
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