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  • PDF Exploit Disguised As A Xerox Scanned Document -
    Most office network printers and scanners have a feature that sends scanned documents over email. Cyber crooks however, have imitated email templates used by these devices for malicious purposes
  • The Honeynet Project Releases New Tool: PhoneyC -
    As promised, I will be reposting some of the cool new announcements from The Honeynet Project here on my blogsince I now serve as Project’s Chief PR Officer.
  • MetaSploit Framework 3.5.2 Released –
    On February 1st, Eduardo Prado of Secumania notified us of a privilege escalation vulnerability on multi-user Windows installations of the Metasploit Framework.
  • Open SCAP v0.6.8 released –
    The OpenSCAP Project was created to provide an open-source frameworkto the community which enables integration with the Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) suite of standards and capabilities.
  • SSL Diagnosis v0.8.1a released –
    SSL Diagnos is used to get information about SSL usage (protocols ssl2, ssl3, tls, dtls, and ciphers). It can also be used for testing and rating ciphers on SSL clients.
  • Passwords shared between and gawker –
    This is a classic journo case of an editor-sensationalized title for an article that doesn’t really get reasonable until the last two paragraphs where it kinda puts the brakes on calling password reuse “endemic.”
  • UPDATE: Nmap 5.51! –
    Wow! In about two weeks time, another Nmap release! We now have Nmap version 5.51! The last release was Nmap 5.50, which we wrote about here.
  • eEye to Release Free Vulnerability Scanner with Zero -Day Identification and Configuration Auditing –
    eEye Digital Security, a provider of IT security and unified vulnerability management solutions, today announced the pre-release of Retina Community.
  • UPDATE: Fiddler v2.3.2.3! -
    Our first post regarding Fiddler, the web debugger can be found here. On the 13th of February, an update was released.


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