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Each week, we’ll highlight a major city in the US and cover the places and events you can go to in that area to get your security information fix. This post is part of the information security communities.

The seat of the Southeast, Atlanta is probably well-known as the center of the Coca-Cola empire and the home of CNN. It was also the host of the Olympics in 1996. Atlanta is also home to a few local professional groups.

  • OWASP Atlanta Local Chapter – You’ve got plenty of time to hobnob with the folks over at OWASP since the next meeting will still be on September 15. Browse through past meetings or connect through LinkedIn or via the mailing list.
  • ISSA Metro Atlanta – With ISSA’s yearly conference happening this September, the chapter’s monthly meeting is moved to next October the 28th. That’s every last Thursday of the month, folks. You can reach out and learn more about them by contacting the group here.
  • ISACA Atlanta – This chapter just held an exciting training tract called Geek Week (too bad we missed it). You can get the presentations for that here. You can also view their calendar here, which pegs chapter meetings every third Friday of the month.
  • NAISG Atlanta – Meetings for this group are held every second Wednesday of the month at Gordon Biersch. You can subscribe to their lists through this webpage, or if you prefer, connect with them through Facebook or LinkedIn.
  • InfraGard Atlanta – A special group that partners private sector security experts with local and federal law enforcement agencies, this chapter of InfraGard is part of the effort to protect the information systems of the Southeast.
  • AITP Atlanta – If you’re part of this group, there’s a Roundtable Dinner happening on the 16th of September. Not yet a member of this prestigious IT society? Sign up here.

If the tie-and-suit is not for you and you prefer the classic jeans-and-shirt, maybe these local meetings are more your taste.

  • DC404 – While the website isn’t updated, I doubt they’ve stopped meetings at this local Defcon group. Check out past presentations or join the chat list. Meetings are at The Vortex Midtown.
  • 404 SE2600 – This site is quite dated as well but the meetings aren’t. Gander at their meeting schedules here or keep up through the many connections they have.
  • AtlSec/HotSec/HillBillySec – No recent mentions of gatherings for this CitySec group but you can reach out to Beau Woods for more info.
  • Dorkbot-atl – For the tinkerer and hardware hacker in you. Get in touch with them for more info.

There are also a cool hackerspace in Atlanta you should definitely look up.

  • Freeside Atlanta – A great place to share knowledge and gain knowledge, Freeside not only offers space but also free classes (donations are encouraged) and open meetings. They need some gifted people for the security sessions so maybe you can join in? It’s manned by 50 members strong and has over 5,500 of space to roll around in. get more info on how to join here.

Lastly, there are a number of security events in the area that will quench your infosec thirst and bring some organized chaos in your life.

  • ISSA International Conference – If you’re part of ISSA, I’m pretty sure you already got wind of this September 15 event. It’s packed with a lot of tracts, mostly on the corporate side of security. There’s a SANS training class, a keynote by Howard Schmidt and a threat update panel. Get the agenda here.
  • The A List – The recently concluded event by InfraGard armed law enforcement officers with 18 sessions of protection knowledge from Special Agents of the FBI and GBI.
  • ShoeCon – A  small commemorative convention held for the family of the recently departed Matthew Shoemaker. Speakers at the event include Irongeek Adrian Crenshaw, Trevor Hearn (Skydog) and Stan Brooks aka WLANstan.
  • Outerz0ne – This donation-based conference started out as a response to another event called interz0ne (which looks to be defunct). If you love grassroots events and want to help out fellow security pros, support the next Outerz0ne event next year, if there is one.
  • BSides Atlanta – Watch out for this. This BSides event will be coming at you on October 8th at Think Inc. World HQ down at Peachtree. There’s a Call for Theme, CFP and you get CPEs for this event as well. Register here.

There’s always lots going on in ATL so next time you drop by, hook up with a few security-minded local to help show you around.

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