Week 22 In Review

Events Related PH-Neutral, My First and Last One - What differentiate  PH-Neutral from the other conferences? It’s different that’s all! Don’t try to find something equivalent on earth! It’s a mix of party, drinks, talks (yes, there was and good ones!) and social networking. Honestly I never saw so many top-notch hackers per square [...]

Week 31 in Review – 2010

Events Related: BlackHat / DefCon 18 related posts Highlights from Black Hat and Defcon - Here's our round-up of highlights from the two security events from around the web. Black Hat & DEFCON Observations - Both cons have their own distinct culture and participants, but you’ll see Black Hat attendees stay for the [...]

DefCon 18 in Review

Event-Related News: Black Hat too commercial for you? - Black Hat and DefCon share the Las Vegas stage this week with Security B-Sides and other security events. How to follow #Blackhat / #Defcon / #BsidesLV without being there (updated x4) - Keep an eye on the Security Bloggers Network (RSS) and a Technorati [...]

CanSecWest 2010 Agenda

Canada's premier conference is starting tomorrow, March 24! CanSecWest is the most comprehensive and advanced applied digital security event in North America. With cutting-edge speakers delving into a host of highly-informative and highly-technical sessions, this is one security conference you would not want to miss. Unlike most events, CanSecWest features a single track of presentations, [...]

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Week 10 in Review – 2010

Events Related: RSA related posts Chattin’ With the Boss: “Securing the Network” (Waiting For the Jet Pack) - RSA Interview (c/o Tripwire) On the State Of Information Security In Virtualized/Cloud Environments. - RSAC2010: ISC2 - Pics from the RSA Codebreakers Bash - Videos from the RSA Codebreakers Bash – Spinning and [...]

Vendor Parties @ RSA 2010

The RSA conference is just around the corner, and that means the vendor parties are as well. I’m not sure who is behind the RSA party list on yahoo’s upcoming, but it contains a good list of parties. I’ve gone ahead and created a party map for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. Tuesday Map: [...]

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Vendor Parties @ Black Hat USA

Vendor parties during Black Hat USA is always interesting, because the conference is in Las Vegas. Here is a list of vendors that I know of that are throwing parties this year at Black Hat USA 2008. Tuesday, August 5th Qualys Fortify Wednesday, August 6th Arbor Networks MANDIANT WASC / OWASP Thursday, August 7th Accuvant [...]

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Security Bloggers Meetup @ RSA

What an amazing event put on by Jennifer Leggio and crew. I had a great time talking to other security bloggers, and the food was awesome. Thanks to Fortinet, Microsoft, and StillSecure for sponsoring the event. Here is a video clip of the opening: And here is a list of people (in no particular order) [...]

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WASC Meetup @ RSA

The WASC meetup was a few days ago at Jillian's, and I had a blast. It was a great to have conversations with groups of like-minded people during the day, and not at a loud dark bar. Thanks to WhiteHat Security for sponsoring the event, and for the yummy food. Here are a few pictures [...]

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