Week 19 in Review – 2012

Resources Research for SharePoint (MOSS) - owasp.org This page contains research notes on Microsoft's SharePoint MOSS and WSS MS SQL - Useful Stored Procedures for SQL Injection and Ports Info - pentesticles.com The following post lists and describes various useful stored procedures and port information for MS SQL. Portable Executable 101 - a windows executable [...]

Week 10 in Review – 2012

Event Related CanSecWest CanSecWest evolving - blog.securiteam.com Let me say, right off the top, that I love CanSecWest. I am tired of “vendor” conferences, where you pay outrageous fees for the privilege of sitting through a bunch of sales pitches. At least CanSecWest has real information, as opposed to virtual information. CanSecWest Day 1 Pen [...]

Week 8 in Review – 2012

Resources A look at ASLR in Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 - blog.duosecurity.com For the uninitiated, ASLR randomizes where various areas of memory (eg. stack, heap, libs, etc) are mapped in the address space of a process. The Ultimate OS X Hardening Guide Collection - isc.sans.edu Many security professionals tend to use OS X systems. [...]

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Week 25 in Review – 2010

Events Related: Who's on...uh, at...FIRST? - windowsir.blogspot.com My employer is not a member of FIRST, but we were a sponsor, and we hosted the "Geek Bar". La “Nuit Du Hack” in Paris - rootshell.be The event was split in two parts: a set of talks about security topics and, starting from midnight, a CTF contest. [...]

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Week 43 in Review – 2009

Events Related: S4 registration open / full agenda available - digitalbond.com The 2010 SCADA Security Scientific Symposium has opened it registration and its schedule is now available. RSA Europe 2009 - Day 1 Recap - infosecramblings.com Interesting Information Security Bits RSA Catch-up Part 1 - infosecramblings.com RSA Europe 2009 Security Bloggers Meetup Recap - infosecramblings.com [...]

Week 41 in Review – 2009

Events Related: FRHACK01 copy of presentations - professionalsecuritytesters.org A list of the slides from the recent French conference Things I Learned at SecTor 2009 - preachsecurity.blogspot.com SecTor 2009 thoughts and insights SecTor 2009 Wrapup - spywareguide.com My Sector '09 Experience - anti-virus-rants.blogspot.com Resources: All about Website Password Policies - jeremiahgrossman.blogspot.com Some simple guidelines when implementing [...]