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Hardware Hacking Trends

Black Hat USA is coming up and while we were putting together our “must see” agenda, we noticed that there are several hardware hacking presentations this year. Here are just a few of the sessions that are hardware related: Methodologies of Hacking Embedded Security Appliances Power Analysis Attacks Colin O'Flynn BIOS Security I Can Hear [...]

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Black Hat USA 2012 Top Picks

The schedule for this year’s Black Hat USA was recently released and we finally got a chance to inspect it and figure out what we were most excited to see. Overall there seems to be several interesting hardware (smart meter, routers, firmware, NFC, etc), mobile (iOS, Win7 phone, Android), and newish technologies (HTML5, IPv6, Windows [...]

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Week 31 in Review – 2010

Events Related: BlackHat / DefCon 18 related posts Highlights from Black Hat and Defcon - Here's our round-up of highlights from the two security events from around the web. Black Hat & DEFCON Observations - Both cons have their own distinct culture and participants, but you’ll see Black Hat attendees stay for the [...]

Black Hat USA Preview Webcast

Join Black Hat Founder and Director Jeff Moss and several of this year’s USA speakers for a Webcast previewing some of the hottest topics being presented at Black Hat USA 2009. Registered participants of the Webcast will receive a code that can be redeemed for $250 off the price of registration for the USA 2009 [...]

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Black Hat USA Posts Carnival

Black Hat USA is over, and I think everyone is still in recovery mode. There were tons of presentations, and here are some posts from various people recapping the event. Once I recover, I will be posting my overall thoughts on the conference as well. Day 1: BlackHat 2008 LiveBlog: Day 1 by Security Monkey [...]

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MetaPost Exploitation Notes

Here are my notes from the Black Hat USA 2008 presentation called 'MetaPost Exploitation' by Val Smith and Colin Ames. The MetaPost Exploitation slides are now online, as well as demo movies at If you do any sort of enterprise level penetration testing, you should definitely check it out. Credential Management Wordpad and paper [...]

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Profiting From Business Logic Flaws

Yesterday Jeremiah Grossman and Trey Ford from WhiteHat Security gave a very interesting and fun presentation called 'Get Rich or Die Trying - Making Money on The Web, The Black Hat Way'. They went over several real world examples of business logic flaws, and in some cases profited (a lot) from those flaws. The Get [...]

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Extreme Client Side Exploitation Notes

Here are my notes from the Black Hat USA 2008 presentation called 'The Internet is Broken: Beyond Document.Cookie - Extreme Client Side Exploitation' by Nathan McFeters, John Heasman, and Rob Carter. GIFAR Hybrid .gif and .jar file .gif header is in the beginning of the file .jar header is in the end of the file [...]

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