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While I had a good time talking to vendors on the RSA expo floor, I had a better time running around trying to find cool SWAG (stuff we all get). I tried to stay away from tshirts, but I did end up getting a few of those too. Some of the cool / useful items [...]

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Session Impressions @ RSA

I thought I had an excellent plan when attacking the massive number of RSA sessions available. My plan was to attend the sessions unique to RSA, mainly the business sessions because I already attend a handful of technical security conferences throughout the year. Here is a my original RSA schedule, and I none of them [...]

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Security Bloggers Meetup @ RSA

What an amazing event put on by Jennifer Leggio and crew. I had a great time talking to other security bloggers, and the food was awesome. Thanks to Fortinet, Microsoft, and StillSecure for sponsoring the event. Here is a video clip of the opening: And here is a list of people (in no particular order) [...]

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WASC Meetup @ RSA

The WASC meetup was a few days ago at Jillian's, and I had a blast. It was a great to have conversations with groups of like-minded people during the day, and not at a loud dark bar. Thanks to WhiteHat Security for sponsoring the event, and for the yummy food. Here are a few pictures [...]

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Enigma Machine @ RSA

There are two working Engima machines on the expo floor at RSA! And by working I mean you can punch in your own message on one machine, copy the cipher text, and find the other machine to decode it. Very cool. One of the devices is in the NSA booth, and I forgot where the [...]

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Battle of the Bags: Press vs Attendee

For this year's RSA conference, I am registered as a blogger, which allowed me to get a press credential. This is my first year attending as press, but I've covered many other security events like Black Hat, Defcon, and CanSecWest as press. So from past experience, the conference would give away the same SWAG to [...]

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RSA Conference News

After posting my RSA schedule, I noticed that the "Research Revealed" track wasn't included in my booklet. So for those that were relying on the booklet to figure out your schedule, and interested in research topics, refer to RSA's detailed agenda. Now to go back and figure out if I need to adjust my schedule [...]

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RSA Schedule

One thing that I really hate about multi track conferences, is that it takes me forever to determine what I want to see. And with the upcoming RSA conference, they didn't make it easy with 20 tracks to choose from! Here is the workflow that I used to figure out my RSA schedule. The first [...]

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Jericho Forum Conference @ RSA

The Jericho Forum will be holding a half day conference during RSA on Thursday April 10th, 2008. There will be three presentations, and a roundtable discussion on data security solutions. It is free to attend, and you can find the full agenda and registration link at Jericho Forum. The roundtable discussion sounds interesting, and there [...]

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