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Each week, we’ll highlight a major city in the US and cover the places and events you can go to in that area to get your security information fix. This post is part of the information security communities.

Sun, sand and security. South Florida is a great place to go and relax.What will make you stay are the great security people and events around town. Some local professional groups you might want to look up when in town.

Of course, there are also some local meetings you can go to if you want to forego the coat and tie.

  • DC305 – Nothing much on the website on this group but you might want to contact¬†LD@bl0 for more info.
  • Hack Miami – This group meets biweekly on Saturday afternoons. get in touch through Twitter or read their wiki.
  • Dorkbot-SoFla – Dorkbot-sofla is a place where you can get information about events, calls for works, new technologies and techniques, and where you can share the same. Subscribe to their mailing list and announcements.

Lest we forget, there are also a few security events that call SoFla home.

Again, if we missed anything, feel free to let us know in the comments.

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