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  • Psychological Warfare With NIRCMD – room362.c0m
    One of the best ways to throw blue teamers off the scent of another host getting owned.
  • Injecting Malicious HTML IFrames –
    Injecting malicious HTML IFrames into the legitimate web pages has become a commonplace technique in web based attacks.
  • Volatility –
    If you’re into forensics or the challenges I’ve been talking about lately, you should be familiar with Volatility.

Vendor/Software Patches

  • Wireshark 1.4.4 and 1.2.15 Released –
    Wireshark 1.4.4 and 1.2.15 have been released. Installers for Windows, Mac OS X 10.5.5 and above (Intel and PPC), and source code are now available.
  • Wireless Host App “Karma” Patch Update –
    I’ve posted an updated version of my “Karma” patch for HostAP (hostap_0_7_2-775-g9fc6aa9). This patch adds Karma-style automatic probe response.


  • Android DroidDream Uses Two Vulnerabilities –
    You probably haven’t missed DroidDream which trojaned several applications on the Android Market and several blog posts on the matter.
  • Shmuck of the Month: Sony –
    Two types of companies exist: those which are growing and those which are dying. Sony clearly belongs to the latter for over a decade now.
  • ONJECT and EMBED are inherently Unsafe –
    The specification effectively takes away the ability for any single party to decide how a particular plugin document should be handled by the browser.

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